Who we are

Who we are

The British Society for Genetic Medicine, founded in 1996 as the British Society for Human Genetics, provides a forum for professionals involved in genetics and genomics as a clinical service and research.

As an umbrella organisation, our membership includes a wide spectrum of clinical, laboratory and research disciplines.  Originally our members were mainly drawn from those working in specialist NHS regional genetic services and research departments, but now they include health professionals from a wide range of clinical disciplines, who use genetics and genomics as part of their clinical care.  We are pleased to welcome increasing numbers of genomic scientists and bio-informaticians who use genomic technologies to generate and interpret large bodies of data, to find genetic susceptibilities to disease and responses to treatment, both for populations and individuals.

A member may be a member of BSGM alone but usually would also join one of the three constituent groups and/or one of the specialist interest groups which work together under the BSGM umbrella.

The constituent groups are:
Association for Clinical Genomic Science
Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors
Clinical Genetics Society

The Special interest groups are:
UK Cancer Genetics Group
UK Fetal Genomics Group

These associations have, and retain responsibility for, separate interests in relation to career structure, professional qualifications, specialist training, quality control, codes of professional practice and other detailed matters. They all have an overriding common interest in developing genetics and genomics in relation to health care in the United Kingdom, and in representing their professions in public. New members of the BSGM are therefore offered the opportunity of joining one of the constituent groups and/or the special interest groups.

Our executive committee oversees the activities of the BSGM in line with our constitution.  BSGM is a registered UK charity (No: 1058821)

Executive Committee