Plans and achievements 2019

Plans and achievements: BSGM and constituent groups 2019

Workforce concerns

Contributing to national debate highlighting the need to train more workforce to cover current essential posts and plan sufficient staff for an effective genomic service (all groups)
Workforce planning discussions with HEE, NES and NHSE (all groups)
Advocating for increased funding and support for genetic services (all groups) 
Restructuring the genetic counsellor career structure (AGNC)


External verification of NHSE WGS pipeline development (ACGS)
Reviewing and updating best practice guidelines (ACGS)
National audit of UK NHS prenatal result analysis and prenatal microarray reporting (FGG, CGS, AGNC, ACGS)
Working with NHSE to develop an approach to consent to whole genome sequencing (BSGM)
Describing a new social contract for genomic medicine (BSGM) [chapter in CMO report generation genome] subsequently expanded upon by Sciencewise public engagement exercise (BSGM and AGNC)
Developing a media strategy (BSGM); first media training day (May 2019)
New UKCGG award for medical students and STP trainees present work at a conference (CGG)
Contributing to Topol review on genomics, digital technologies and AI  (BSGM, AGNC invited as review experts)

Guideline projects

Designing guidelines (with RCGP) for direct to consumer genetic test results (BSGM)
Revising and redrafting the latest edition of "Consent and Confidentiality in Genomic Medicine" (BSGM)
Update of genetic testing of children guidance (BSGM)
Guidelines for prenatal genetic testing (BSGM and FGG)
Mapping the limits of clinical research activity in the NHS (BSGM)

Conferences and meetings

CGS conference  12 March 2019 (London)
CGG Spring conference March (Cambridge) 
Workshop on diagnosis and management of renal/pheo/paraganglioma predisposition syndromes (March 2019 - CGG)
ACGS summer conference (10-11 June 2019, Birmingham) (ACGS)
Holding a media training day (May 2019) (BSGM)
Second world congress on Genetic Counselling (2-4 October 2019, Cambridge; AGNC)
CGG winter meeting 27 November 2019 (London)
Joint meeting: CGG, CGS and Dutch Clinical Genetics Society (February 2020, Hinxton)